1987-1995 Second exam in law (University of Tübingen), after that section manager
in a private bank (Stuttgart)
1995 Sylvia reiser ends her job career as a lawyer in order to exclusively fulfill exceptionally her passion as an artist. Even early in the beginning of her career as an artist she got invited to exhibitions, interviews and art fairs where her performances were shown.
2001-2003 Conception / Creation of the prestigious "Music Award"
International Music Award Baden-Baden
2001-2007 Conception / Creation of the "World Music Awards Innsbruck" (Austria)
for the world's best orchestras, ensembles and virtuosos
2002-2017 Working sessions in China, Turkey, Romania and Marokko
2008, 2010 Participation at the „Art and Book Biennial“ Alexandria, invited by the
„Academy of Arts“ Cairo
2019 temporary heading of the WAW (Women´s Art World)
Exhibitions - Among other places, in Beijing, New York, Washington D.C., Cairo, lzmir,
Barcelona, Debrecem, Bukarest, Amsterdam, Zurich, Straßburg, Innsbruck, Berlin, Frankfurt,
Stuttgart, Marrakech.

References -  (From towns, state authorities, private/public companies etc.)
Peijing, Aix-en-Provence, (France), Kobe (Japan), Raff aela (Argentine) Innsbruck, Fifa (Zurich),
BB International Collection of Fine Arts (Zurich), Berlin, University of Tübingen,
Ministery of State Baden-Württemberg, BMW, Filmacademy Stuttgart.

Television Interviews - e.g. DRS (Switzerland) INTV (Germany) Hungarian Television, Chinese TV,
Rumanian TV (documentary report in three about Sylvia Reiser) TRT (Turkish culture TV), Marco TV.

International awards - International Prize Colosseo, Rom: Artist in History (2016).

Documentary press Reports, interviews -China Green Times (leading Chinese culture journal),
Al Hayat (important Arabic newspaper) Rumania Global News, Athenum Revista de Cultura
(Rumanian journals for culture and information), R+H sanat (Turkish culture journal) Austrian Week
(Austrian journal) Süddeutsche Zeitung , Westdeutsche Tageszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau,
High Socienty Magazine, Madame and others.

Symposiums - As representative of the German culture scene - participation at the international
artist symposium for example in Alexandria, Peijing, lzmir.

Her ladder of success (her brand)

Idiosyncratic steel constructions and installations - mastered with gold double in
24 karat. Sculptures up to 10 m high and show their ingenious singularity through the connection
with marble and lapis lazuli.

Abstract painting collages - pictures designed in three dimensions in dominant colours
and shapes with a gold double in 24 karat. All paintings are unicates. Single exponates apart of
various cycles and existe in different sizes.

Individual jewelry - art of wear.

Sylvia Reiser
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